Our Value Proposition

Strategic support tailored to your needs, merging the operational experience of corporate leaders with the expertise of investment bankers


Our very identity is expressed in our motto: it embodies our innovative spirit and agility, delivering international expertise and tailored solutions while fully committing to our clients' success


Andrés M. Saunier, Partner

> Total Independence

We enjoy complete autonomy and make decisions impartially, free from external pressures from affiliated entities or interest groups. Our services are tailored to each client's specific needs, without corporate constraints. Our analyses and advice are objective, solely aimed at our clients' interests, and our recommendations are based exclusively on the relevance and quality of the solutions proposed. We are committed to full transparency in all our transactions and advice. Our success is directly tied to our clients' success, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner.

> Extensive Sectoral Experience

We possess a well-established track record across diverse industries, ranging from oil & gas to telecommunications, real estate, aviation, banking, tourism, and agro-food, among others. This sharp sectoral expertise, embodied by former operational leaders, is crucial for comprehending the trends and dynamics shaping various markets. It enables us to identify unique opportunities and propose bespoke solutions perfectly suited to each sector. Leveraging this expertise, we maintain a privileged network of industry contacts and key partners, instrumental in fostering synergies and unlocking strategic opportunities.

> An Inherently International DNA

We have extensive market knowledge in Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, coupled with a deep understanding of the business landscape in these regions. With a broad international network, we expand our clients' investment horizons and facilitate connections with global investors or lenders, enabling access to international business opportunities. Our global presence enables us to effectively manage and execute cross-border transactions spanning continents. Our strategically located subsidiaries facilitate international transactions and provide localized support to our clients. Our teams, boasting significant international experience, adeptly navigate the complexities of multicultural and multilingual environments.

> Indisputable Financial Expertise

We deploy seasoned professionals experienced in processes aimed at optimizing transaction conditions and timelines to assist our clients across all Corporate Financeservices. Our financial, strategic, and organizational recommendations are grounded in rigorous analysis and advanced financial modeling. Our teams craft innovative financing solutions tailored to the specific requirements and constraints of each client and skilled in strategic negotiations alongside shareholders and executives of companies (SMEs/ETIs) across all sectors.

> In-Depth Understanding of the Small & Mid Cap Environment

With rich experience in both leadership and transactions within Small and Mid-cap companies, our teams possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges and constraints faced by these enterprises. Our service offerings are customized to precisely meet the demands of SMEs, covering strategic and organizational consulting, business valuation, financing structuring, and shareholder search. We provide continuous support to our clients across all their financial needs, aiming to cultivate long-term relationships.

> Expertise in Bridging Divergent and Complex Interests

Our teams stand out for their ability to reconcile the diverse, and at times conflicting, interests of key stakeholders. This includes aligning public and private interests, uniting industrial and financial partners, supporting stakeholders from various backgrounds and cultures, and facilitating dialogue between entrepreneurs or family shareholders and investment funds. Regardless of the operational maturity level, we empower our clients with cross-functional leadership, agile and innovative solution-finding, and effective mobilization of all stakeholders.

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