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Mergers & Acquisitions


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Strategic Consulting


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Thomson Capital aids its clients in operations related to financing search and structuring, debt renegotiation and reorganization, as well as refinancing and recapitalization.

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of financing services and support to address their financial needs, whether related to operational challenges, new ventures, expansion initiatives, or succession plans.

> Equity Financing

(Equity injections, Shareholder's loans & advances)

We help our clients raise equity capital and optimize its allocation, balancing between undercapitalization and accelerating shareholder distributions while minimizing tax friction.

> Quasi-Equity Financing

(Convertible bonds, Mezzanine financing, Junior debt)

We facilitate the raising of quasi-equity capital, taking into account the impact on existing shareholders (dilution concerns), and design incentives for new funding providers ("kicker equity").

> Senior Debt

(Bond issuances, Corporate bank debt - secured or unsecured)

We assist in raising senior debt, whether based on cash flows or assets (working capital financing, mortgage debt, tax leases, etc.).

> Project Financing

(Development or Exportation projects Financing)

We support our clients in structuring international project financings, including government-to-government protocols, export financing covered by export credit agencies (ECA/ECA+F), and the implementation of trade finance instruments.

We engage at every stage of the fundraising process

Our experienced team is committed to assisting companies, investment funds, and public entities in navigating financial structuring challenges at every step of the fundraising process :

> Financial Analysis

We conduct a thorough assessment of the company's financial situation and needs.

> Strategic Assessment

We closely collaborate with our clients' management and teams to develop a tailored fundraising strategy, taking into account factors such as company size, industry sector, and specific objectives.

> Financial Modeling & Engineering

We develop financial models, assess assumptions, and conduct robustness tests to determine the optimal financial structure.

> Financial & Commercial Structuring

We assist in structuring financial and contractual arrangements, ensuring they are tailored to meet our clients' objectives.

> Fundraising

We assess multiple options, seek out and select qualified investors, oversee the negotiation process for financial terms until closing (including shareholder agreements and protocols), all while ensuring compliance with relevant financial and legal regulations.

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