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Comprehensive support across all stages of your transactions, from initiation through to execution and subsequent post-integration monitoring


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers & Acquisitions



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Thomson Capital specializes in assisting its clients with various merger and acquisition (M&A) endeavors, including sell-side, buy-side, special situations, and leveraged buyouts (LBOs).

We help our clients to identify, evaluate, negotiate, and conclude these complex transactions, with in-depth expertise, relevant analysis, and strategic management.

Our team offers comprehensive assistance, starting from the initial stages through to the post-acquisition period :

In the preliminary stages…

> M&A Strategy

We collaborate closely with clients to craft a tailored M&A strategy that aligns with their goals, encompassing target identification, selection criteria, and market opportunity assessment.

> Pre-Transaction Preparation

We support the company in preparing and structuring the deal, aiming to optimize shareholder outcomes.

> Evaluation of Targets

We perform an extensive analysis of prospective companies or assets, focusing on financial performance, risk assessment, growth prospects, and strategic fit with client objectives.

> Negotiation & Deal Structuring

Our focus is on advocating for our clients' interests during negotiations, ensuring optimal terms, and structuring deals to balance value maximization and risk mitigation.

> Fundraising

We appraise different options, identify and choose suitable investors, manage the negotiation of financial terms to completion (including agreements with shareholders and protocols), while ensuring adherence to relevant financial and legal norms.

… during execution stages …

> Due Diligence Oversight

We play a key role in the due diligence process, identifying risks, legal concerns, compliance issues, and other factors that might influence the deal.

> Project Management

We oversee the entire M&A process from initiation to conclusion, ensuring timely execution and addressing potential risks.

… and in post-acquisition follow-up

> Post-Acquisition Integration

Following the deal's completion, we assist in implementing an effective integration plan to facilitate a smooth transition and achieve anticipated synergies, including handling transaction-related accounting and tax matters (PPA), advising on post-transaction restructuring, and assessing management packages.


At Thomson Capital, we dedicate ourselves to understanding each client's unique goals and providing support through every step of the M&A process. Our commitment is to ensure that each transaction is not only a strategic fit but also a financial success.

We are poised to help clients expand their operations, strengthen market positions, or seize growth opportunities with our expertise, experience, and unwavering dedication.

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