M&A Interns Opportunities

We welcome trainees for six-month internships starting in early January, March, July, and September

We provide six-month internships starting in early January, March, July, and September.

These internships offer a complete and hands-on immersion in corporate finance. Interns will actively engage in all aspects of our operations, from initial stages to execution, gaining invaluable transactional experience working alongside seasoned bankers.

Interns will be responsible for providing financial and statistical analysis as well as conducting research, preparing supporting documentation and assisting in due diligence efforts.


We welcome penultimate and final year student from a top-ranked business or engineering school looking for an end-of-studies internship.

Selected candidates will be expected to fully engage in a stimulating and rigorous environment, where sustained commitment and flexibility in working hours are often required.

They will need to demonstrate exceptional resilience and outstanding adaptability to thrive within a close-knit and dynamic team. Additionally, they should display a genuine ambition to grow within a company that champions excellence and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset.

Fluency in both English and French is essential. Relevant previous internships within a financial institution are clearly a plus.


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